Construction Ahead

If the published schedule holds, work on improvements addressed in the Downtown Master Utility Plan will begin this month on the stretch of County Street that begins just west of the Effingham Street intersection and runs east through the intersection at Washington. The project phases in question, designated 1 and 10, involve involving water and sewer line replacements, storm drain repair or replacement, and new curbs, gutters, and street paving. The projected time frame for this work is a month and a half, assuming cooperation from Mother Nature and an absence of gross human error.

Like most construction projects, this one will produce its share of inconveniences before anything actually improves. Mayor Holley often said that the road to success is always under construction, which sounds positive until you consider that during the time the work is proceeding, the highway is largely unusable. Such will be the case in and around the downtown area for the duration of this project, estimated to proceed in phases through August 2014. For detailed information, visit Downtown Utility Master Plan Newsletter.

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