The City Council Woodshed

[An Open Letter to the Mayor and City Council]

Since the purpose and some of the discussion relating to the closed meeting of council scheduled for [Monday, October 28, 2013] has already aired in the media, I propose that you proceed in open session. The public to whom the Mayor and all of the rest of you are accountable deserves to know the untold part of this particular story. As former City Manager Chandler used to say, “Even a sheet of paper has two sides to it.” I know that if I were Mayor, I would not be willing to let the disgruntled members of council quoted in the Saturday issue of the Virginian-Pilot take me into the back room, verbally abuse me, and then let them leave to spread lies about what took place behind closed doors. No, I would insist that they say whatever they have on their minds in view of the public and before the unblinking lens of the camera; otherwise, I would not participate.

Additionally, offended members of council, since your city manager was also party to the conversation with VDOT and ERC that is causing your current state of indigestion, I am wondering why you aren’t calling him on the carpet along with the Mayor. Mr. Rowe could just as easily and knowledgeably have brought you up to speed on the meeting in question. Unlike Mayor Wright, who serves at the pleasure of my fellow citizens and me, the City Manager is accountable to council.

Please let me know if you need additional information.

Yours truly,
Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky

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