Mayoral Candidate 2016: Cliff Page

[Mr. Cliff Page is one of the six certified candidates for Mayor of Portsmouth. He provided the following response to our offer to introduce him to PCW readers:]

I am glad to share my web and Facebook links with your subscribers and visitors: and
You may also share my websites title page. The Web site has an Issues and Positions page where a substantive 54-page, comprehensive document may be downloaded and a two-page bulleted Positions at a Glance page for those who may fall asleep reading the former. Both documents can be opened from the web site and both are in PDF format and can be printed or emailed.
Additionally there is a blog page,, which is also linked with my Facebook page where issues can be viewed, liked and shared, and commented upon.  Currently, there are four major issues which I consider top agenda items: High Speed Rail to Portsmouth, Increase Democracy in Portsmouth by Expanding the Council with a Ward System, Support for Veterans and the Confederate Monument.  The site also has a page to aid citizens in registering and voting and provides links concerning the subject.


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