Publisher’s Notebook: The Year Ahead

As stated on our Facebook companion page, the mission of is to serve as a community forum for sharing information, expressing opinions, and engaging in dialogue about civic affairs in Portsmouth, VA, USA, and, when applicable, around the globe. Fulfilling that mission is a civic duty that I take seriously. I am concerned, therefore, that the time demands involved with campaigning for a seat on city council will lessen the attention I can give to this labor of love. Additionally, as a participant in the council race, I cannot avow that my opinions of other candidates and the issues they may raise will be as unbiased as I would like. Going forward, then, you need to read what I post here over my name as requiring independent assessment. Continue reading

Re-opening Our Doors

Fellow Citizens of Portsmouth:

Welcome to the relaunch of Intended as a public forum on ┬áissues, occurrences, and ideas in our hometown — Portsmouth, VA, USA — back in 2004, the website is emerging from a long period hibernation to resume its role in civic life. Over the final weeks of 2012, we will be getting ready for full engagement with the dawn of the new year, but, in the meantime, we will post some odds and ends of city news, opinions, and, hopefully, thoughtful responses from interested readers. Mayor Holley used to say that the road to success is always under construction; this site will share that attribute.

Please keep your eyes on us as we keep ours on city government.

With best wishes for the holiday season,
Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky