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Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky, a resident of Hampton Roads for the last 40 years and a citizen of Portsmouth since 1996, is the publisher of the website. A former information technology professional in the private sector, he has been a civic activist for most of his adult life. Beginning in 1998, he has closely tracked the actions of Portsmouth City Council through attendance at public work sessions and regular, special, and community meetings; viewed proceedings on the Portsmouth Channel; and followed the activities of other governmental agencies, including select boards and commissions, VDOT, Hampton Roads Transit, the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission, and the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization, to name a few.

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  1. Portsmouth’s leadership of the past is not the solution to its future, whether those leaders are our sitting Mayor or our previous Manager. Portsmouth needs a fresh start. The position of Mayor of our City has little to do with management. It is a job that requires vision, directional leadership and a plan to get us over the horizon and the ability to bring disparate views and agendas together to accomplish goals in fairness and inclusiveness with integrity to achieve positive change and forward motion.

    The challenge for our next Mayor will be to set the misdirection of Portsmouth’s past straight, to correct poor governance and injustices, for the betterment of our City, as we traverse into a very difficult future. An enlightened democratic and civic involvement in governance, particularly from business and property owners, is critical to that future. The voice of the people needs to be heard above the moneyed, bureaucratic and special interests that usually control the spigot of dwindling government revenues. Our City must establish our plans, plan our work and work our plans. We must have a direction in which there is agreement and concord. Our ideas must have rational merit, practical objectives and public accord. We must operate with short term strategies and long term goals. We must reinvigorate and unite both the public and business sector of our community towards a vision that encourages enterprise, community involvement, capital accumulation, job creation, educational fulfillment, artistic creativity and inventive genius that also builds upon our unique historical roots.

    Check out my web site, open up my “Positions and Issues – A Path to the Future” and see where I plan to take Portsmouth. Go to my Blog which is tied into my Facebook campaign and you can Like, Follow and Share. Help this message go viral… Give me a broom to take downtown… We need to clean house. I’m the only candidate running with a road map… Don’t get lost in the thicket of discontent.

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