School Board Candidate Forum, August 25, 2016

The People for Portsmouth Political Action Committee hosted a school board candidate forum at the Scottish Rite Center on Cedar Lane. All eight candidates — incumbent Board Members Sarah Duncan Hinds, Ted Lamb, Keith Nance, and Costella Williams; and challengers Angelia Allen, Lakeesha “Klu” Atkinson, De’Andre Barnes, and Joanne Clarke — attended and gave good account of themselves. Ms. Laura Geller, the lead investigative reporter for WVEC-TV13 News Now, served as moderator. Continue reading

Publisher’s Notebook: The Chat & Chew Saga

DSC03386Earlier this year Bishop Barry Randall initiated a series of conversations about race relations in our hometown of Portsmouth. When he scheduled the second one, I urged him to allow PCW to video record it. I was most favorably impressed with first one, but was regretful that it would not be available to a wider audience than those in the room on the night it occurred. He accepted my proposal, which enabled us to become the official media sponsor of that event. Unfortunately, a “Murphy’s Law” scenario led to the loss of all but the last ten minutes of that program. C’est la vie! Luckily, he afforded us a second chance, and we captured the entirety of the third panel discussion, Chat & Chew III: Hard Talk about Police and Community Relations. Continue reading

City of Portsmouth Presentation on Political Signage Regulations

DSC03317On August 16, 2016, city officials briefed candidates seeking local office regarding the regulation of campaign signs. Given the record number of people running for elective office this year, Director of Permits and Inspections Douglas K. Smith said that the city wanted to get out in front of potential issues of inappropriate sign placement through an education initiative. In (silent) partnership with the city, PCW has posted a video of the information session and a copy of the handout provided to those in attendance. Please direct questions to the Department of Permits and Inspections at 757 393-8531.

Mayoral Candidate Forum Held August 13, 2016

2016 Mayoral Candidates

Mayoral Candidates Shannon Glover, Cliff Page, John Rowe, Jim Sturdevant, Kenneth Wright

Portsmouth Taxpayer Alliance Cochair Pat Simons

Portsmouth Taxpayer Alliance Cochair and Forum Moderator Pat Simons

A full house at the 2016 Mayoral Forum hosted by Portsmouth Taxpayer Alliance

A full house at the 2016 Mayoral Forum hosted by Portsmouth Taxpayer Alliance

The Portsmouth Taxpayer Alliance hosted a Mayoral Candidate Forum at their August monthly meeting. In attendance were Candidates Shannon Glover, Cliff Page, John Rowe, Jim Sturdevant, and Kenneth Wright, the incumbent mayor. Candidate Barry Randall was unable to attend as he was officiating at a wedding. After his opening statement and response to a question from the audience, Mayor Wright left to attend another event.

The video recording of the forum is available on the YouTube Channel.

Some Random (and not so Random) Thoughts

[Guest contributor Andrew Lewis is an educator in Palm Beach County, FL, and a family member of the publisher. This opinion piece originally appeared on his Facebook page and is transcribed here with his permission. Although is focused on local issues, we found relevance in this posting to what is occurring in our hometown.]

“…and I’m just asking for other parts of our democracy, along with the free press, to help us; to help us, and not put that burden all on law enforcement to resolve.”
David Brown, Dallas Police Chief

We had five minutes before class ended, and the class had completed their Continue reading

Cradock July 4th Observance 2016

July042016_1July042016_2The rain held off until the bicycle parade completed, but the flag got a bit of a bath on its way up the flagpole. Nonetheless, the program went on, but in an abbreviated fashion. The Mayor kept his welcoming remarks succinct in deference to meteorological reality.

The keynote speaker, the Honorable Ted Lamb, Portsmouth School Board Member, gave his prepared speech but with all deliberate haste. For the sake of those who did not attend and those who did but might have focused more on staying dry than on the message, PCW requested a copy of the Board Member Lamb’s address. Continue reading

Cavalier Manor Meeting on Multifamily Proposal

Cavalier Manor Civic League Special Meeting 06272016

Herman & Kittle Properties, Inc., project team briefs Cavalier Manor residents on development proposal

On June 27, 2016, the Cavalier Manor Civic League held a special meeting to consider a proposed multifamily development on the site of the former Tazewell Apartments. A handout distributed to those in attendance is available for download as a PDF by clicking The Pointe at Greenwood. Video of the meeting is available in two segments from the YouTube Channel: (part 1) and (part 2). The sentiment of the league executive board and the members who saw the presentation was to hold out for a proposal for building single-family homes. Unless Herman & Kittle Properties, Inc., withdraws its application for a multifamily use permit, this matter should come before the Planning Commission for approval in August.

Mayoral Candidate 2016: Cliff Page

[Mr. Cliff Page is one of the six certified candidates for Mayor of Portsmouth. He provided the following response to our offer to introduce him to PCW readers:]

I am glad to share my web and Facebook links with your subscribers and visitors: and
You may also share my websites title page. The Web site has an Issues and Positions page where a substantive 54-page, comprehensive document may be downloaded and a two-page bulleted Positions at a Glance page for those who may fall asleep reading the former. Both documents can be opened from the web site and both are in PDF format and can be printed or emailed.
Additionally there is a blog page,, which is also linked with my Facebook page where issues can be viewed, liked and shared, and commented upon.  Currently, there are four major issues which I consider top agenda items: High Speed Rail to Portsmouth, Increase Democracy in Portsmouth by Expanding the Council with a Ward System, Support for Veterans and the Confederate Monument.  The site also has a page to aid citizens in registering and voting and provides links concerning the subject.


I Hear That Train A-Comin’ (updated)

The Disney version of Davy Crockett liked to say, “Be sure you’re right. Then go ahead.” Certainly, that is the preferred mode of operation at, but when objective documentation is unavailable and a train is moving down the track in what looks like the wrong direction, action is preferable to paralysis. For that reason we are reaching out to the Portsmouth citizenry in advance of a special meeting of the school board on June 27, 2016. Continue reading