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  1. When was the decision made to not show non-agenda speakers at a public meeting? I just feel that action such as this that affects the public would be up for public discussion. Some people rely on the information they get from watching the public Portsmouth channel or/and the website. Maybe I missed something so I will try to keep an open mind until I and others who want to know get a proper explanation. Waiting!

    • Thanks for weighing in, Mr. Overton. To the best of my knowledge, the only mention of this idea, attributed most recently to Council Member Elizabeth Psimas, was in Virginian-Pilot Reporter Gary Harki’s Portsmouth Currents column a couple of weeks ago. The Council itself has not discussed the matter in any public proceeding as yet. I suggest that you and other citizens concerned about this possibility should raise your concerns in direct communication with council, by mail, eMail, or telephone. Another opportunity for public comment on this proposal will be at the upcoming Council Community Meeting scheduled for 7 PM, Tuesday, January 15 at I. C. Norcom High School. Avoiding the implementation of a bad policy is a more effective approach than reversing it once it has taken effect.

  2. (A Letter to Mayor and Council from former School Board Member Ridenour)

    Dear Mayor and Honorable Council Members:

    I learned today of a new “procedure” concerning “turning cameras off” during non agenda speakers.

    Why, what purpose does it serve? Does it “hurt” you in some way?

    There are many intelligent and concerned citizens sincerely wanting to be a part involved with their community. Many speakers have pertinent information and issues to share, not only with you, but also with other citizens -– and this is their prime venue.

    There is something that seems “rude” to our citizens and to the voters who placed you in your positions in council’s doing this. A poor perception of trust is continuing to be inundated throughout our
    communities — there’s supposed to be hope for new honesty and integrity coming from our city leadership!

    Was this unanimous in agreement — and for citizens who have a right to know, will there be an acceptable reply, answer, reason, or explanation provided for such a policy?

  3. It is clear that some members of the city council do not have the interests of all citizens of Portsmouth at heart. Rather they define their scope by limitations of character and are unable to raise their eyes to a further horizon.

    They prefer to govern in private and rule by executive dictate leaving the citizens redress only in legal wrangling. But why should they care? The cost of defense is not borne by them.

    They prefer to limit the free exchange of ideas and information, adhering to exclusion as a self serving benefit rather than inclusion as a public obligation.

    What do they fear that they would embark on such a draconian path? What secrets must be kept from the public? The rightful rulers of the city!

    Citizens vote their choice in varied ways, by the wallet, by their feet, by public demonstration, by casting a vote. I urge my fellow citizens to not vote according to rhetoric, but according to performance in the best interests of us, the citizens.

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