Video “Shoot out at the Not-O. K.” Council issues an invitation to all residents to bring your video-capable devices to the Portsmouth City Council meeting on Tuesday, January 8. Since, as noted here and elsewhere, council has ordered the taxpayer purchased and maintained cameras in the council chamber turned off when the non-agenda portion of the proceedings commence, they do not have the final word on the matter. The Honorables may think they can act like the rulers of the People’s Republic of China, but though they can “pull the plug” on a few cameras, they can’t turn off the internet search engines, video streaming, or the creative impulses of our citizenry. Let’s let 100 electronic eyes scan the chamber Tuesday night. Charge up those I-phones, Androids, tablets, cameras, and camcorders; take a few sound checks before the gavel goes down; and prepare to show the “deciders” the power of techno-democracy.

Food for thought, Mayor and Council Members: unlike the “house” videographers who don’t pan the council dais during citizen presentations, we will. Your texting, smirking, sidebar conversations, dozing, and other forms of inattention will be on the record for a change. Enjoy the show!

YouTube, here we come!

9 thoughts on “Video “Shoot out at the Not-O. K.” Council

  1. Never in my 56 years as a Portsmouth resident have I witnessed such arrogance. A christian man cannot utter the appropriate words to describe what these poltroons are doing.

  2. I’m actually going to have to figure out how to use my cameras! Thank heavens for youTube how-to videos!

  3. “Vigilence is the watchword”…somebody prominent in the history of our country once said. It seems like that wisdom still holds true.

    • I am thinking we can post the freelance videos as responses to the official “Portsmouth Channel” submission, but I am happy to hear other ideas.

  4. ” America .will never be destroyed from outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Abraham Lincoln
    Thank you for being our watch dogs and trying to keep these city officials accountable!

    • Paul Revere’s ride would have been in vain without an engaged citizenry to respond to the call and defend their rights. It takes an educated and involved public to make elected officials accountable.

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