Publisher’s Notebook: The Year Ahead

As stated on our Facebook companion page, the mission of is to serve as a community forum for sharing information, expressing opinions, and engaging in dialogue about civic affairs in Portsmouth, VA, USA, and, when applicable, around the globe. Fulfilling that mission is a civic duty that I take seriously. I am concerned, therefore, that the time demands involved with campaigning for a seat on city council will lessen the attention I can give to this labor of love. Additionally, as a participant in the council race, I cannot avow that my opinions of other candidates and the issues they may raise will be as unbiased as I would like. Going forward, then, you need to read what I post here over my name as requiring independent assessment.

In the interests of objectivity and keeping the content that appears here timely, I am seeking outside assistance in maintaining this site. If you know of anyone with a passion for journalism and an interest in civic affairs who would like to break into the “blog-osphere”, please have her/him contact me. The hours are whatever the applicant wants to make them, the pay is nonexistent, but the intrinsic rewards are limitless. If you’re interested, let’s talk.

In the meantime, as information comes our way from candidates for city council, mayor, and school board, we intend to share it with you. During the pre-election season for commonwealth’s attorney last year, PCW interviewed all the candidates willing to speak with us and recorded a couple of candidate forums. Although none availed themselves of our offer, we did invite all candidates to post written material on this website for the voters to consider. Our intention is to extend the same courtesy to those seeking local offices this year. Consequently, in the next few days, we will post a short resume/biography we have received from Mayoral Candidate Shannon Glover. It should serve as a starting point for your research into his qualifications to fill the position he is seeking. Our hope is that you will come to the polls this November well informed about your candidate choices in all of these vital races.

Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky

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