Open Letter to Mayor and Council re: Post-2018 Waste Disposal

[Note: at the May 10 council meeting, our city representatives voted to defer action on the SPSA post-2018 Use and Support Agreement until the first meeting in June. In the interim, the city was to have solicited proposals for go-it-alone solid waste disposal plans. The city has released no information gathered from that process and is positioned to sign on to the regional trash deal this Tuesday.]
Mr. Mayor and Honorable Members of City Council:

In reviewing the agenda for the upcoming council work session and regular meeting of June 14, I am deeply dismayed that no briefing is scheduled regarding the request for proposals the city was to have issued for municipal waste disposal services post 2018. Citizens’ comments on this matter over the past few months, both at SPSA board and council meetings, have demonstrated that our community is interested and concerned about the final decision. For council to have put the original proposal from SPSA back on the agenda without offering any sort of explanation from the city administration about how we have returned to square one is disrespectful of the public’s right to know. I ask, then, that you reflect on and reconsider your way forward. At a minimum before any final action, the city management team should provide the public a written explanation of available options considered and the reasons for their rejection or acceptance. As the citizens of Portsmouth will be bound by the SPSA Use and Support Agreement until at least June 30, 2027, we should have enough information in hand before the agreement is signed on our behalf to know that it will best serve the public interest.

Please let me know if you need additional information.
Yours truly,
Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky

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